Who we are

Listen to this is made up of DJs and music lovers who want to share their passion with other people. Our main purpose is to provide a good listening experience. To do this, we play different types of music - from soul, RnB, hip-hop, drum & bass to jazz, house, funk and world. Whether it's the present decade or the 90s, 80s, etc, we bring quality, uplifting and memorable songs to the attention of our listeners, whose views we value dearly.

Our vision / What we stand for

We feel music should be part of our everyday lives, not what we should get into at weekends, on our day off or when we're on holidays. Our view about music is that it can have a positive effect on our moods, the way we see things and how we deal with life's challenges.
This is what Listen to this is all about: to play songs that inspire listeners, songs that bring back happy memories, songs to relax with.

We would love to hear from you please email us at info@listentothisfm.com

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